Assist Mod Soul's Researching Academy allows for the creation (synthesizing), upgrading, and attachment of Assist Mod Souls. Each can be attached to only one partner at a time unlike Mod Souls.


There are different types of Assist Mod Souls that can be found in the game, each with a different balance of stat boosts. Each fall under one of three categories, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

**Although the Assist Mod Souls are worded to increase Stamina, they actually mean HP (which is not boosted by spirit stones).


Name Specialty Max Stats Where to get fragments
Menos HP
Lvl 30 and 50 Instance loot
Dondochakka Bilstin Kido ATK
Lvl 70 and 80 Instance loot
Pesshe Gatiishe Physical ATK
Daily Task


Name Specialty Max Stats Where to get fragments
Yammy Llargo Kido ATK and HP
Lvl 90 and 100 Instance loot
Aaroniero Arruruerie HP Daily Task
Zommari Rureaux Lvl 110 and above Instance loot




Max Stats Where to get fragments
Shinji Hirako DEF
Daily Task
Minazuki ATK and Speed
Event (Seireitei Attack, Anniversary Feast, Bargain Sale)
New Year Nel Tu DEF and HP
Event (Christmas Carnival, New Year Feast, Bargain Sale)
Nnoitra DEF and HP
Event (Hueco Mundo Treasure, Bargain Sale)
Kurotsuchi Mayuri HP
Month card pet
Pumpkin Soul Speed
Event (Bargain Sale, Holiday events)
Death Lord

(fast leveling)

Kido ATK
Event (Daily Presents, Anniversary Feast, Bargain Sale, Holiday events)
Christmas Ulquiorra

(fast leveling)

ATK and HP
Event (Bargain Sale, Holiday events)
New Year Tucker (Starrk) Physical ATK, Physical DEF, HP
Event (Bargain Sale, Holiday events)

(fast leveling)

ATK, Speed, HP
Event (Bargain Sale, Holiday events)
Kisuke Urahara (fast leveling) DEF and HP
Kisuke urahrapet
Event (Holiday events)
Renji ATK and HP
Event (Christmas Carnival)
Grimmjow ATK and HP
Event (October Carnival)

Synthesizing and Upgrading

An Assist Mod Soul is first created by synthesizing a certain number of fragments. As it is leveled up, the Assist Mod Soul must also be upgraded with additional fragments once it reaches certain levels in order to proceed in leveling. The number of fragments required varies by Mod category. The table below shows the number of fragments required for each. After the level 120 upgrade, the Assist Mod Soul can be leveled up to 150.

Level Beginner Intermediate Advanced
1 20 40 60
30 20 40
50 200
80 100 400
100 800
120 1200


Some Assist Mod Souls require more experience than others. The amount of experience required to level them tends to be larger for higher quality mod souls. An Advanced Assist Mod Soul would likely require a lot more experience than an Intermediate or Beginner but now always. There are a few exceptions where Advanced Assist Mod Souls are comparable to Beginner or Intermediate types such as the Death Lord, Christmas Ulquiorra, and Harribel Assist Mod Souls.

Here is leveling information for the harder to level Advanced Assistant Mod Souls:

Minazuki, Shinji Hirako, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, New Year Nel Tu, Nnoitra, New Year Tucker, Pumpkin Soul


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