Strenght: Increases Physical Attack(1:1) and Physical Defense (1:0.7)

Stamina: Increases HP

Wisdom: Increases Strategy/Kido Attack(1:1) and Defense (1:0.7)

Agility: Increases Speed (1:1)

Damage Rate: Increases DMG, obtained from Set Bonuses, Prestige Rank,Talents/Passives, Zanpakuto and Skills.

Immune Rate/Avoid Injury Rate: Reduces Damage, obtained from Set Bonuses, Prestige Rank,Talents/Passives, Zanpakuto and Skills.

Combo Rate: Main characters and partners like Hakuteiken Byakuya that have 100% combo rate skills will give combo rate the next turn to the partner above them in your formation.

Aid Rate: Chance to spread damage amoung the partners in the Formation.

Recovery Rate: Increases Healing.

Hit Rate: Prevents enemy from dodging.

Dodge Rate: Dodge attack = No damage taken and no Fury gained by enemy (debuffs from skills will land on you).

Crit Rate: Critical hits do 1.5 times (150%) the normal damage.

Counter Rate: Anti-critical, lowers the chances of being hit with crits.

Block Rate: Blocks attack = Less damage is taken and counters back(does damage back to attacker).

Break Defense Rate: Anti block; prevent from getting blocked.

More information about the stats or levels of spirit stones can be found here Spirit Stones


- Each fury point above 100 = +0.25% base fury damage

- Fury boost can crit also (45 instead of 30 for Rukia)

- You will not gain any fury point if your target dodged your normal attack.

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