Bond Training

Daily Training

  • The way to get daily bond fragments outside of events
  • You get one Free Training chance daily
  • The Gold Training allows up to 10 daily chances
  • You can get the first two chances from Gold Training daily for free with Shinigami Agent
  • The Gold Training chances can only be bought with gold (no coupons).
    • 1st chance is 20 gold
    • 2nd chance is ? gold
    • 3rd chance is 50 gold
    • 4th chance is 80 gold
    • 5th chance is 120 gold
    • 6th chance is 200 gold
    • 7th chance is 200 gold
    • 8th chance is 200 gold
    • 9th chance is 200 gold
    • 10th chance is 200 gold

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