[pic] The Cross Server Battle feature opens on level 72. You will fight players in and around your server for Shinigami Tokens which can be used to buy partners, scrolls and other items in the shop.

You have 18 opponents each day that are arranged on Battle Power. If you register the day before the season begins you will be given a rank and corresponding points. If you register during the season you will start from the lowest rank.

While registering the system will record your current formation. Your opponents will face that registration formation the next day. You can also register naked to let opponents beat you so that they can clear the ranks and collect more Shinigami Tokens.

If you're a low VIP or F2P player and you can't beat your normal ranks opponents we suggest that you register naked on the first day of the next season. You will drop in ranks but will be able to defeat easier opponents, slowly climbing in rank. Please keep in mind that if you do this you will create the same problem that you originally had, for lower rank players. I advice you to keep registering naked so that these people won't be affected by your problem.

Rank Starting Points
SSS 6000
SS 5000
S 4000
A 3000
B 2000
C 1000
D 0

[pic] While clearing 1 line of opponents you are able to claim the chest which contains Shinigami Tokens and a Title depending on the chest. [pic] extra battle

[pic] player detail shop partner daily reward mail

Cross Server Battle (CSB)

Cross Server Battle Shop


The following partners can be obtained by collecting Shinigami Tokens in Cross Server Battle (CSB)


Shura Kenpachi: 4.000 Challenge Stones.

Hakuteiken Byakuya: 4.000 Challenge Stones.

Kyoka Suigetsu Aizen: 8.000 Challenge Stones.

White Ichigo: 12.000 Challenge stones or 10.000+ Gold in other events.

50 Shinigami Tokens can be exchanged for 10 Challenge Stones. 20.000 Shinigami Tokens are required for a 4.000 Challenge Stone partner.


It's very common that you won't be able to participate in CSB the day after registration, however you should be able to join the day after.

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