This feature will be available at level 32. You can do Daily Task only once per day, reset at midnight.

Target Tasks

  • Complete the given tasks to get extra task points.
  • You can complete the given tasks in any order. These tasks cannot be refreshed.
  • Target tasks has 3 stages:
Stages Number of Tasks Task Points
Stage 1 1 20 points
Stage 2 2 30 points
Stage 3 3 45 points

Select Tasks

  • You are only allowed to complete 10 tasks per day.
  • Each task is color-coded, which represent the amount of task points given out once completed.
  • You can Refresh the tasks to get a set of different tasks. Each set will display 5 tasks.
  • You will have 1 free Refresh chance each day. After that it cost 10 Coupons or Gold.
  • You can also Instant Complete tasks which cost 10 Coupons or Gold.
  • Shinigami Agent will give you 10 free Refreshes and 10 Instant Completes per day.
  • Trial Tower won't consume Vitality but still count as done when failing them.

Task Details
Color of Tasks Silver Task Points
Grey 10,000 2 points
Green 20,000 3 points
Blue 30,000 4 points
Purple 40,000 6 points
Double Reward (x2) 50,000 6 points

Task Descriptions
Refine Equipment Refine equipment for X time(s)
Fortify Equipment Fortify equipment for X time(s)
Reiatsu Cultivation Cultivate reiatsu for X time(s)
Arena Challenge another player in arena for X time(s)
Clear Stage Clear Stage for X time(s)
Trial Tower Challenge Trial Tower for X time(s)
Double Reward (x2) Spend gold/coupon for 2 times

Double Reward

  • Among the tasks, you will find Double Reward task which will give you double the rewards.
  • Use any amount of Coupons or Gold for 2 times to complete Double Reward task.
  • The cheapest way to get this completed is by spending Coupons or Gold during the 10 second countdown timer in the Evil spirit Event.


By reaching the required points you can claim the rewards. Rewards include, but not limited to:

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