Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Class - Kido

Formation - Support

Strength - 55 (Growth 1.7) 

Agility - 75 (Growth 2.5) 

Wisdom - 75 (Growth 2.8)

H P - 110 (Growth 1.7) 

Hit Rate

Dodge Rate

Crit Rate

Counter Rate

Break Rate

Block Rate

Combo Rate

Aid Rate




Increases wisdom by certain percent (15% wisdom)


King's Cero

Attack enemy vanguard, growth rate is 150%, increase own attack by 50% (one turn) and break defense by 35% (three turns)


Modify Tier Bonus Material Level Requirment
Basic Modify (Sokotsu) Bonus increase ATK by 5%.
Tier 2 Modify (Blut Vene) Bonus increase HP by 5%.
Tier 3 Modify (Shingurushirudo) Bonus increase Physical DEF by 5%.
Tier 4 Modify (Haien) Bonus increase Break Defense by 10%, can surpass 90% max limit.
Tier 5 Modify (Soren) Bones increase Crit Damage by 20%.
Tier 6 Modify (Jibakurei) When being attacked, have 50% chance to increase all allies' ATK by 10% for 2 rounds.
Ultimate Modify (Silence) When being attacked, have 10% chance to stun attacker for 1 round.


60 Comrade Contract


Honor Shop

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