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Class - Ghost Blade

Formation - Assaulter

Strength - 9000 (Growth 8.0) 

Agility - 7500 (Growth 6.0) 

Wisdom - 3000 (Growth 4.0)

H P - 7000 (Growth 6.8) 

Hit Rate


Dodge Rate


Crit Rate


Counter Rate


Break Rate


Block Rate


Combo Rate


Aid Rate




Hell Power Increase Strength 30% and Agility 20% by certain percentage and the partner was born with Damage Rate 20%, Ichigo's normal attack will release Skill


Golden Getsuga Tensho Attack all enemies, growth rate 300%, decrease all enemies dodge and block rate by 50% for 2 rounds.


Fragments per dojo chance: 6

Modify Tier Bonus Materials (Fragments) Level Requirement
Basic Modify (Bankin) Immune to Silence and Fury Restriction[1] 120 Fragments Level 40
Tier 2 Modify (Rage) Increase all allies' crit damage by 20% 280 Fragments Level 50
Tier 3 Modify (Judgement Power) Increase Physical ATK by 40% 480 Fragments Level 60
Tier 4 Modify (Fervor) Recover 30 points fury when being attacked[2] 720


Level 70
Tier 5 Modify (Warlord's Bloodlust) Immune to Laceration, recover HP based on 15% of own attack for self after attacking 1000


Level 80
Tier 6 Modify (Bone shield) When being attacked, increase own speed by 30% for 1 round, have a 50% chance to generate a shield based on 50% of own attack 1320 Fragments Level 90
Ultimate Modify (Death Gods Twilight Meeting) Ignores enemies' defense starting at 0%, increases 25% each round for 20 rounds.[3][4] (Invalid in PvE)[5] 1848 Fragments Level 90
  1. Ichigo will ignore silence by default unless his exclusive skill is unlocked. Aside from damage boost from fury overflow, fury regeneration is insignificant as well unless his exclusive skill is unlocked.
  2. The fury regeneration modify is mostly useful for when Ichigo's exclusive skill is unlocked. His regular skill will otherwise trigger regardless.
  3. Damage still increases after 100%. The best way to think about it is that Ichigo's attack is boosted by a percentage of the enemy's defense. That percentage is determined by the the number of rounds that have passed. More concisely, considering the enemy's base defense D and Ichigo's base attack A1, Ichigo's attack A2 after R rounds is treated as A2 = A1 + (D * 0.25 * R).
  4. This modify's damage boost is affected by defense halos but buff and debuff icons are ignored.
  5. PvE does not include daily activities with Reiatsu in it. Events such as Ryoka, Evil Spirit, and Void are classified as "PvPE" by the developers.




Max Bonus Affix Stage Requirements
Rukia Kuchiki 2.75 - 10.00% Physical/Kido Attack Shin X
Renji Abarai 2.75 - 10.00% Damage Rate Deep X
Orihime Inoue 5.65 - 10.00% Damage Immunity Rate Shin X
Quincy Uryu 2.75 - 10.00% Crit Rate Deep X
Appears in the bonds of...
Main 2.75 - 10.00% Physical/Kido Attack Shin


50.000 Gold - Anniversary

Skill Animation