Hogu Breakthrough runs for 5 days period and is a Hogu oriented event. This event gives you the opportunity of upgrading the quality and level of your existing Hogu. You can only use Gold in this event.


Hogu Enhance

  • Upgrade a Hogu to a higher quality tier using gold only.
  • Hogu needs to be unequipped first before upgrading.
  • Only Hogu with quality 3 and above can upgraded in this event.
  • The maximum Hogu quality tier to which you can upgrade is 12.
  • If you want to upgrade the quality of Hogu with quality 5 and above, the Hogu has be to at the maximum Hogu Level.
  • To upgrade Hogu Level, access your Hogu window.

Enhance Talisman Special Discount

  • You can use Gold to purchase Hogu Enhance Talisman.
  • 3 packs are available for purchase:
    • 1 Hogu Enhance Talisman for 160 gold. Limited to 15 per player.
    • 5 Hogu Enhance Talisman for 360 gold. Limited to 10 per player.
    • 10 Hogu Enhance Talisman for 650 gold. Limited to 2 per player.

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