In "Bleach Online", there are 3 main types of currency exists: silver, gold and coupons. Other types are different event currency.

Silver Silver

Silver is the most popular and the easiest-to-obtain type of currency. For example, you can use it to buy something in the Black Market or to refine your weapon. You also need it to play Janken, Trial etc.

Level Image

Amount of Silver

1 Lv.1 Silver Pack 1000
2 Lv.2 Silver Pack 2000
3 Lv.3 Silver Pack 4000
4 Lv.4 Silver Pack 7000
5 Lv.5 Silver Pack 10000
6 Lv.6 Silver Pack 15000
7 Lv.7 Silver Pack 20000
8 Lv.8 Silver Pack 30000
9 Lv.9 Silver Pack 50000
10 Lv.10 Silver Pack 100000

Gold Gold

Gold can be used almost everywhere: from buying equipment in the Ultimate Equipment Shop to recover your Vitality. But you need to buy it first, because the only way to obtain it for free is to take a part in special campaigns.

Coupons Coupon

Coupons are the good alternative to Gold. You can use it to buy something in the Shop or use it to upgrage your Reiatsu level through the Gold Refine.

Other types of currency


Where to obtain/use

Hueco Mundo Coin Hueco Mundo Coin Hueco Mundo Attack.