Event Details

  • Reio's Furnace is a top up event which gives you 1 point per 1 topped up gold.
  • You can exchange your Reio Power Points for either the Zanpakuto Forging, giving you a certain percentage of gold back OR the Reio Treasure Shop.
  • You can open up chests in Reio's Treasure more than once.
  • Every 2,000 gold you top up will give you 1 free chance in the Reio's Gift section allowing you to select a gift you want.
  • Sexy Kukaku can be bought for 20,000 Gold.
  • Koga Kuchiki can be bought for 20,000 Gold.
  • Katen Kyokotsu can be bought for 40,000 Gold.


Rewards include but are not limited to:


Exclusive Fragments
Hogu Convert Talisman
Hogu Enhance Talisman
Modify Fragment Chests
Hogyoku Pill Fragments
Red Hogyoku Fragments
Soul Stones
Spirit Stone Boxes
Tier 12 Hogu's

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