The shield has two functions: (1) to clear control effect debuff statuses and (2) to make it's wielder immune to control effect debuff statuses (stun, silence, chaos, disarm, void, fossilize, freeze, fury restriction and laceration).

Clearing Debuffs

The shield clears control debuffs only when first activated.


Katen's shield clears Senjumaru's Fury Restriction and Kirinji's Chaos

This only happens if it's your turn when the shield is activated. The icons will still remain if it's activated on your enemy's turn.


Ultima Aizen Chaoses Sexy Kukaku and Yhwach's passive shield activates, but since it doesn't happen on the player's turn, the shield does not clear the debuff.

Immunity to Control Effects

For as long as the shield is active, it will make you immune to any debuffs that control your character's behavior.


Shin Kyoka Suigetsu Aizen's Chaos does not penetrate the shield, but the vanguard's attack is still increased from his skill

The shield will still protect your character from control statuses that are already inside the shield.


Sexy Kukaku is still able to move with the shield active despite having the Chaos debuff status.

If the shield breaks, you are vulnerable to control statuses again.


Shy Nemu breaks Mayuri's shield, making him vulnerable to her Chaos again

Growth Rate

Shields have their own HP (before they break) although it's not visible. It's HP is determined by two factors: the shield growth rate and your partner's attack. The shield takes a percentage (growth rate) of your partner's attack. Whether this is working properly has not been confirmed yet.


  • Nozarashi Kenpachi's fossilize and silence go right through the shield and ignore the shield altogether

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