Shini agent 1 Shinigami Agent is a luxury, monthly feature, that allows you to complete random tasks throughout the game faster and gives several advantages. Upon buying Shinigami Agent for the first time for 1,888 Gold you will receive Tenjiro Kirinji and the other shown rewards.

Shini agent 2


Shini agent 3

After activating it you will receive daily, weekly and renewing rewards.

If you want to add another 30 days to your agent's validity you must click the renew button which will deduct 999 Gold. Renewing will give you the Top-Up Rewards. It's a common mistake that players think they have to top up while in reality they have to buy the renewal. You can buy another 30 days several times I suggest doing it while the Visored Revenge event is active for better side rewards.


For more information about the benefits you can click on Agent Welfare in game or read it below.

Shini agent 4

One unlisted benefit is no cool down on the interaction in the Mod Souls Home.
Another unlisted benefit is Beauty Games can be "One-click remove all" for free.

Links to benefits.

Tenjiro Kirinji

Daily Sign In

Daily Task


Black Market / Mystic Market


Mod Souls Home

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