The Shutara Shop is a feature that allows you to further upgrade your event gear. Note that it's only event gear and above level 100.

A few examples of gear you are able to upgrade: Level 100 Cyclone, Level 110 Inferno, Level 120 Dark Emperor all the way up to Level 140 Pudo.

Forge and Lucky Slot Machine gear aren't qualified.


  • Work is one of the two places where you are able to gain Asauchi. Asauchi is used for Advancing your Forged gear.
  • You receive 1 free chance per day and it takes 1 hour to complete. You will receive 60 Asauchi and one random reward shown on screen.
  • Furthermore, you can instantly complete it by paying 20 Gold and you are able to buy one extra chance for 50 Gold per day. Don't forget to claim your items after 1 hour.



  • Forge is the other place where you can obtain Asauchi. You can use event gear and forge it into the new gear and gain Asauchi at the same time. After selecting the piece you want, you have to lock it and forge it.
  • Sockets, Spirit Stones, Fortify and Spirit Infusement level all stay.
  • It's recommended to refresh your Bleach browser game in order to show the correct stats.
  • Since the gear starts at level 60 the requirement for Socket Stones drastically decreases, allowing you to put sockets onto your gear starting at 2 Socket Stones per piece.

Level Set Name Asauchi
100 Cyclone 5
110 Inferno 40
120 Dark Emperor 125
130 Godslayer 250
140 Pudo 420



  • Advancing is the last and most time consuming part of this feature. Advancing the gear allows you to upgrade it's status and level.
  • Advancing can either be done by doing the daily Asauchi vitality work or by buying Event gear and Forging it. Either way, it's time consuming and/or expensive, thus, the major downside of this feature.
  • Note: No matter what ultimate gear you have, the max advancement is lv140.
  • only different is the Asauchi return.


Gear list can be found [here]

Upgrading costs:

Screenshot 9

Equipment Quality

The higher the quality of the equipment, the more silver it requires to upgrade. The quality of each can be found here


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