Event Rules

  • 1.Players can get star sign and points in the turntable.
  • 2.There're certain free chances for the turntable and extra ones will consume gold.
  • 3.Players can exchange rewards with star signs.
  • 4.The ranking is based on the points a player got and players will receive the reward via in-game mail.

Star Rewards

Event Rewards(Ranking)

  • Top 1-3 | 1x Level 9 STR,WIS,STA,AGI Stones
  • Top 4-10 | 1x Level 8 STR,WIS,STA,AGI Stones
  • Top 11-20 | 1x Level 7 STR,WIS,STA,AGI Stones
  • Top 21-50 | 1x Level 6 STR,WIS,STA,AGI Stones
  • Top 51-100 | 1x Level 5 STR,WIS,STA,AGI Stones
  • Top 101-200 | 1x Level 4 STR,WIS,STA,AGI Stones

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