Tasks also known as Quests are divided into Main Tasks and Sub Tasks. You can accept available tasks from NPCs. Tasks reward several items such as Silver, Experience, Equipment, Zanpakuto books and many more.


Tasks will be available according to your level. You can accept the tasks in Green. Task in Red means your level is too low to accept it.


All tasks, accepted or acceptable, can be viewed from the Task window ("!" icon located on the top right side of the screen)


You can click on the Underlined Words to activate Auto-Pathing. Some sub-tasks require you to battle a total of X times. Normal mobs consume 1 Vitality boss mobs consume 2 Vitality. Completed tasks will be shown in Green color.


Indication icon for tasks will be visible on top of the NPC.

  • Yellow Exclamation Mark - Task is available. (Renji)
  • White Question Mark - Accepted but ongoing task. (Ishida)
  • Yellow Question Mark - Accepted and completed task, ready to turn in. (Ichigo)

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